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Performance Matters Newsletters

Performance Matters Newsletter

Welcome to the Performance Matters Newsletters page. The newsletters are all about supporting players as a feedback and development tool. Each newsletter covers individual areas of cricket such as the 'basics' of batting, bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping and a whole lot more.

DCB Coaching

With regard to coach's feedback to players a special 'Hot Topic' column will highlight key coaching areas in which you can improve. From a development point of view a Sport Science Support area will be used to highlight important areas of training such as the importance of warming up and game preparation. Areas such as nutrition and physical training will be highlighted as methods to improve your performance. Overall the newsletters are a great way to pick out important information. As a young cricketer in the Derbyshire Player Pathway its up to you to use the information contained in the newsletters in the best way you can. By preparing and training well, you will be better prepared for matches.

Performance Newsletters

1 - The basics of batting, right arm swing bowling

2 - Batting, grip and stance, fielding on the One

3 -Safety aspects of bowling, batting back swing and step

4 - Match preparation, hitting the ball (contact)

5 - Basics of catching, post contact position and follow through

6 - Basics of throwing, goal setting (long and short term targets)

7 - Bowling, technique and workload, batting - assessing present ability levels

8 - Field placing, running between wickets

9 - Bowling 'at the death', motivation, Sir Richard Hadlee

10 - Performance diaries, sport science support

11 - Outdoor pre-season preparation, the role of the Wicket Keeper

12 - Bat Care

13 - Keeping it simple

14 - Observation - make your coaching more effective

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