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DCB U11 v Shropshire U11 - Thursday 28th June

dccc logo“Charles Darwin, Nick Owen, Mary Whitehouse, Percy Thrower, Benjamin Disraeli, your boys took one hell of a beating!!” - which is slightly hypocritical of me as I was encouraging the boys to be dignified in their victory over Shropshire yesterday! However, we delivered one of the most complete performances yesterday to secure the largest run margins I've certainly been part of within my 4 years in the DCB by winning by an astonishing 199 runs.

The start couldn't have been more fortuitous for us, as on the hottest day of the year playing on a pitch with a small boundary and a lightening outfield, the seasoned cricketers worst nightmare occurred... we lost the toss!!! Unbelievably Shropshire put us in!!! This may well have had something to do with our previous 2 matches which suggested our batting was our weakness.

Jake and Harrison got us off to a steady start, by capitalising on the quick outfield and some effective running. However Jake was unfortunate to fall in the 5th over, with the score on 23, by being caught at slip, something that is extremely unlucky as you don't often find the position being used at this age.

By the 12th over we were on 86, however we had lost 4 wickets. The boys at this point were ex tactic over the score however myself and Charlie were concerned over the loss of wickets. We kept reiterating that we could get bowled out by the 25th over with a score of 150. They would then need to score at 4 an over to achieve the victory, which was certainly possible on this pitch.

What we needed were solid heads and a partnership. Enter Luke and Harry. They came together at the first drinks break and ended in 2nd after they had scored a superb partnership of 75 at 6 an over. At this rate, you would have thought their innings would replicate that of Jonny Bairstow but it was so simple which the rest of team can learn so much from. They defended the good ball, put away the bad and ran well in between. Harry top scored with 73. We all know how hard Harry can hit the ball, and possibly the most surprising stat was despite the short boundary he hit no sixes, which demonstrated his control through his innings.

Luke batted for over half our innings for his 44, which gave us the stability and foundations that we have been looking for. His innings was just as valuable as Harry's despite scoring half the amount of runs. I was once told, you shouldn't ever “slog” until you have the same wickets as overs left in the innings, so with us then being 7 down on the 32nd over overs to go, it gave Charlie Mayfield(45 no) the licence to swing his bat and the team scored 31 runs in the final 3 overs giving us 265 runs in our 35 overs.

Despite this high score, it was important the boys kept their feet on the ground as they would need to be disciplined and focussed to ensure we got the result. In that heat, if they were to get off to a good start, heads and standards could easily drop.

Harry bowled quick for his 4 overs, being unlucky to only take the 1 wicket. Frankie from the other end, rewarded with 3 wickets for bowling a wonderful line and length. Wickets were then taken by Alfie and Josh and a wonderful Run Out by Digby, that was similar to Josh Butler's which left our opposition 1 wicket reaming. Myself and Charlie were faced with our biggest challenge, which was to ensure all bowlers had a go. With Rowan and Ciaran came into the attack, though Ciaran polished off the innings before we could get Harrison on.

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