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Close of Season information for Clubs

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Many Cricket Clubs all over the country will be in the process of updating their Clubmark accreditation, the universally acknowledged cross sport accreditation scheme for community sports Clubs.

Clubmark shows that your Club provides the right environment which ensures the welfare of members and encourages everyone to enjoy sport and stay involved throughout their lives.

As part of your application you'll be required to include a copy of your clubs insurance schedule, with specific mention of public liability which must be up to £5m and employers liability which must be up to £10m.

Call us free on 0800 289301 or email us
extracover@marswol.com for any queries on the levels of cover you have regardless of whether you're insured with ExtraCover Insurance or not.

For more information on Clubmark, go to the
Sport England website or visit the ECB website or speak to your County Cricket Board office who will be able to help you.


Now the season has ended, it’s a good time to draw up a check list for the winter months for when your cricket ground, pavilion, groundsmans store and any outbuildings are likely to be unoccupied or used much less frequently.  We've put together some key points to get you started.

Fire Extinguishers:

Check that the fire extinguishers on the premises have had their annual service inspection & are fit for purpose.

Door & Window locks:

Ensure that door & window locks work properly & are utilised. Any shutters &/or grills are closed & locked down – not only do these protect against theft & malicious damage but the can help guard against arson attacks through broken windows.

Water pipes & supply:

Lag water pipers/tanks in buildings & if premises are to be left unoccupied, turn off the supply at the mains & drain down the system to avoid freezing up.

Preventative measures:

Equipment & kit which is vulnerable to water damage should be placed on stillage, at least 10cm above the floor is recommended, this is particularly important for basements & cellars as well as areas such as the groundsmans store which often have pitch dressing products and expensive machinery.

Regular inspections:

It is very important that club buildings are inspected at least once a week, to ensure that any problems can be identified & prevented from escalating. If you don’t have any willing volunteers draw up a rota so that tasks can be shared. We’d recommend that two people undertake the inspection so there’s no risk of a lone volunteer being injured & unable to summon help (be sure to take a mobile phone just in case).

Need some advice?

The ExtraCover Insurance team are here to offer help and advice to all cricket clubs regardless if you’re insured with us or not, call free on 0800 289301, email
extracover@marswool.com or send a tweet to @extracoverins

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