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Play-Cricket Enhancements


Significant enhancements have been made to improve functionality and user experience following feedback by League and Club administrators.

A monthly campaign to encourage more players to register on Play-Cricket.com and opt-in to receiving Player Comms.

To create a series of Play-Cricket ‘sales’ pages highlighting the benefits to League & Club Admins, Players and Followers, to be hosted on ecb.co.uk.

The possibilities of offering a match day live chat service to aid the existing Play-Cricket.com helpdesk.

Play-Cricket Scorer (PCS)

10,231 unique downloads as of Tuesday 2nd May

32% of all Play-Cricket.com scorecards were uploaded electronically last weekend, 23% originated from Play-Cricket Scorer. Cricket Australia get less than 10% after 4 years of maturity.

Version 2.0.1, is currently available in the Google Play and App Store. This update contains fixes such as stopping "Retired Out" batters being able to return to bat!

Player Communications

Personalisation has increased to include content such as: ‘One to watch’ the forthcoming oppositions batsman and bowler to watch out for at the weekend.

County Boards have received a link to access the Honours Boards, allowing them to share through their channels.


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