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Have you signed up to iCoachcricket? 

So far in 2017, 4,000 Coaches have.  Are you one of these? 

It is available to Coaches, parents and volunteers who can access it on different levels, often without charge.  Register or sign in at  http://icoachcricket.ecb.co.uk/

https://youtu.be/7nfXbFj_ZyQ )

Have you attended any of the following courses or workshops?

  • ECB Certificate in Coaching Children’s Cricket
  • Coaching Children’s Cricket CPD
  • Coaching in Primary Schools
  • ECB Certificate in Coaching Young People or Adults Cricket
  • Coaching Young People and Adults’ Cricket CPD
  • Coaching in Secondary Schools
  • Cricket for Teachers: Primary
  • Cricket for Teachers: Secondary

If so, you’ll be able to access an enhanced version of icoachcricket, using your existing username and password, which boasts a number of exciting new features.  

This includes a new Activities section, which provides age and stage appropriate games and practices that are linked to ECB Player Development. They cover all areas of technical, tactical, physical and mental across batting, bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping. 

There is also a new Planning feature that enables you to design plans that meet the needs of individual players or a team.

Whilst the new Kitbag area, gives you access to a wide variety of interviews and features to help you develop your coaching.

To start taking advantage of these features, just go to icoachcricket (icoachcricket.ecb.co.uk) and enter your username (email address) and password.

If you don’t know your password, simply go to (icoachcricket.ecb.co.uk), click on Forgot your password.

( https://youtu.be/_duR4JMjngM )


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