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Coaching Resources 2015-16

We have a wide range of coaching resources available to view from this page. These range from individual items such as Katchet ramps and target stumps to large coaching bags containing a full range of coaching equipment.


Sidearm™ Club and Pro

The Sidearm™ Club and Pro are available to order directly from the Derbyshire Cricket Board.

Email jon.dyson@dcbcricket.com

Sidearm™ offers high quality batting practice, allowing one person to provide a batsman with quick, accurate, swinging and seaming deliveries with little effort. Replicating all the rhythms and trajectories of a real bowler, Sidearm™ give the most effective batting practice possible.

As used by Graham Gooch and Paul Grayson, the Sidearm™ is the most important improvement to batting practice in a generation. Pace, Bounce, swing and seam can easily be generated from the full length of the pitch. One person can throw to another for hours on end!

Pictured below: Sidearm™ Club (left), Sidearm™ Pro (right).

Sidearm Club and Pro

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