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Club Coach

ECB Club Coach Award

The ECB Club Coach qualification is designed for coaches working in club and school environments who have access and responsibility for the development of players in addition to improving and driving forward their coaching skills.

The prerequisites for coaches wishing to attend a Club Coach Assessment Day are:

Club Coach AwardAttendance at all 6 ECB Coach Development Workshops.

ECB Level II coaches wishing to do the Club Coach qualification do not have to attend all the CDWs but may decide to attend specific workshops as a way of preparing for the Club Coach assessment, (Note: The assessment is focused on the skills and knowledge within the 6 CDWs).

An ECB Coach (UKCC2) qualification or an ECB Level II qualification.

ECB Coaches Association Membership (the benefits of membership are numerous and include insurance cover as well as being able to access top quality coaching resources that supplement information delivered through the Coach Development Workshops. Please refer to www.ecbca.co.uk for more details of membership benefits.)

An ECB CRB clearance, a current Safeguarding & Protecting Children certificate, a current and recognised First Aid qualification.

Qualification Details

The assessment will be based upon information delivered in the Coach Development Workshops and a Club Coach Information Booklet containing additional information specific to the Club Coach role which will be sent to coaches before their assessment day.

Coaches will be assessed on their ability to observe and analyse players through video analysis. They will also be assessed on how well they are able to work with a small group of players on tactical development in a net situation.

During this net session, they will be assessed on their ability to apply information shared through the workshops. This includes communication skills and the ability to observe and analyse player performance in practice scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have attended the six coach development workshops. Do I have to attend the Club Coach Assessment?

The workshops can be used as a means of updating or refreshing your knowledge and some coaches will use them solely for this purpose without feeling the need to pursue the Club Coach route. Attendance at the ECB Club Coach qualification is entirely optional once you have completed the workshops.

I have an old ECB Level 1 qualification. Can I attend the CDWs and apply to be assessed for ECB Club Coach?

You are entitled to attend the CDWs and this will help your development as a coach. However, you would be advised to take the ECB Coach (UKCC 2) Conversion course before this since it will help your understanding of information delivered in the workshops. Once you have the ECB Coach UKCC 2 qualification, you will be allowed to take the ECB Club Coach assessment having completed the 6 coach development workshops.

I have an old ECB Level II qualification. Do I need to 'convert' to the new Club Coach?

There is no need for you to 'convert' since your ECB Level II is still recognised. You may want to look carefully at the Coach Development Workshops in order to update your knowledge in some areas if you did your ECB Level II some time ago. You may also wish to examine the role you are playing as a coach and consider if the additional knowledge in the UKCC or Club Coach Award would enhance your coaching. Your Cricket Development manager will help you understand this. The ECB website has specific information on them under {error}.

I have recently completed my ECB Coach (UKCC 2) course and after consultation with my county board, I am keen to get on the ECB Head Coach (UKCC 3) course. What are my options?

It is recommended that you spend time working with players and coaching before immediately “stepping up” to the next level. In order to work towards the UKCC 3 course, you will need to attend the 6 Coach Development Workshops AND achieve ECB Club Coach status. Once these have been completed, you are eligible to apply for the UKCC 3 course.

Further Info: If you require further information please email enquiries.coacheducation@ecb.co.uk

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