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Chance to Shine - Primary Schools

Chance to Shine is a grassroots national cricket initiative that was launched in 2005. The charitable organisation ‘Cricket Foundation’ set out to bring competitive cricket and its educational benefits to a third of state schools nationally (6,750) and two million children by 2015. The good news is that these initial targets have been achieved ahead of schedule. Chance to Shine has been delivering cricket to primary schools across Derbyshire since for 8 years and it continues to do so.

How does it work in Derbyshire?

Chance to Shine in Derbyshire is driven through our Cricket Clubs. Cricket Clubs involved in the DCB Community Programme are allocated Chance to Shine coaching hours to help develop cricket in their local primary schools. Derbyshire Cricket Board coaches provide coaching and teacher support to those schools.

This model was put in place to encourage Clubs and Schools to form links to provide Children within the School environment an exit route to wider Cricketing opportunities at a Club.

In 2013 DCB delivered Chance to Shine….

Coaching in 260 Primary Schools

Coached over 15000 children

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