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Belper Meadows - Derbyshire's NWCF Showcase Club 2013

Much has been done at Belper Meadows CC over the years since the club was founded to improve both the ground and the playing conditions as generation after generation have enjoyed playing their cricket at the Meadows. 

The culmination of these improvements is recognised in the current generation who fully embrace the annual Natwest cricketforce weekend, where each season the ground and facilities enjoy a year on year improvement. 

This pre-season “get together” gives all the players and members an opportunity to catch up and start to build team spirit, it helps bring the club closer together with the realisation of  what can be achieved through team work as well as the satisfaction of completing significant ground improvements... which benefits all at the club.. 

In 2013 Belper Meadows CC was selected as the Derbyshire Showcase Club for NWCF 2013.  The planned improvements were as follows:

  • Install picket fence at side of driveway and tidying up hedge (stop balls getting lost)
  • Plastering link block between clubhouse and changing rooms
  • Balcony area of club – paint balcony rails and install planting boxes, fit an artificial astro turf mat, across the metal floor of the balcony to reduce noise.
  • Enclosing the open area under main clubhouse (gets rubbish strewn underneath it) feather boarding will be used
  • 2 new steps adjacent the pavilion entrance.
  • Paint existing picket fence to freshen up, weathering has occurred over the winter
  • Repairs to roof on score box and tidy up area
  • Paint and repair the score box numbers, signs (batman, fall of wicket etc )
  • Complete picket fence on the Southside of the ground
  • Install 3 occasional bench seats along the Westside of the ground, currently spectators have no seating along this side of the ground
  • Install new shelving in the internal equipment cupboard; items have been previously left in mess, making it difficult to access training equipment.
  • Build new sight screen.
  • Construct mobile batting cage.

The Derbyshire Cricket Club academy players laid the foundations for the weekends activities by completing the digging out of footings and stripping of pallets on the Friday.  Without their efforts the level of success over the whole weekend would not have been realised.    

The entire picket fence was painted by an army of volunteers over three days including the DCB Club CricketDevelopment Manager, Mick Glenn.  

The occasional seating along the west side of the ground was completed by the ECB team on the Sunday with David Leighton & Mike Gatting digging out the footings and cementing the benches in position.  They in turn were followed by Fiona Prescott who applied the preservative to the window boxes for the balcony. 

The other projects were completed by a dedicated number of people who supported the day, some who play cricket for the club, some who don’t play cricket with any club, but volunteered their services for the day (on the understanding that they would be fed). The local community showed their support through generously donating food and various materials for the event.The Pavilion before and after -

Text and pictures provided by Mark Slater - Chairman, Belper Meadows CC

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