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Funding for Clubs


Grant Summary for Derbyshire Clubs 2015

EMFF Funding the East Midlands 2014 

Fund Raising Guide for Clubs


Have a look at the above table giving information on grants which are available to clubs.  Some you will have seen but some may be new to you.


Sport England Funding

Sport England offer a variety of funding offers.

The funding streams that are currently open are;

  • Inspired Facilities - Open all year
  • Small Grants - Open all year
  • Community Sport Activation Fund - Closes Monday 20th April 2015
  • Make Your Move - Closes Monday 30th March 2015

For more information on the above offers go to - https://www.sportengland.org/funding/


Things you can do now

Start by checking that your club is eligible to apply for funds, for example if a fund is only open to registered charities. 

Check that your project is eligible and clearly explain why funding is being sought - for example, a funding theme might be healthy lifestyles and so think about the wider benefits of a cricket related project such as improving self esteem, developing leadership skills and improving physical fitness. 

“Sell” your project!  Be as creative and innovative as possible with your project ideas as grant aid organisations tend to be oversubscribed and your project needs to stand out in some way. 

Try to ensure that your project is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-scaled - for example ‘to set up a girls section and recruit 20 girls by working with local schools over the next 12 months. 

Consider setting up a small working group to deal with funding applications.


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